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Home Painting

Painting the exterior surface of homes, garages, decks etc.  There are many methods and products used to paint exterior projects.  At C & C we ‘typically’, pressure wash, allow surface to sufficiently dry and apply primer and topcoat with a commercial sprayer (back-rolling the tinted primer coat). Often times, for example if the color is staying the same or in the same family, and the original paint is in good condition, primer is not needed.  Each job is individually assessed.  

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Home Remodels

We specialize in both kitchen & bathroom remodels. Most realtors will tell you that for a man, the garage sells a home.  We all know that the kitchen & bathrooms sell a home for a woman! And a functional, useful kitchen is important because whenever you entertain, everyone gathers in the kitchen.  It is the showplace of a home.  Between us and our trusted subs, we can turn your kitchen from a dark secluded room to a place where cooking is not such a chore!

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Decks and Rail Systems

Wood or Composite Deck Building: A deck is an investment in your home, whether it be wood or composite. In recent years we are doing more an more of these.  We tear off an start from new in most cases unless the existing framing is in good shape. What we are finding is that the majority of decks in the Spokane area were originally built with ‘un’treated lumber causing them to now be rotting away. This creates a safety issue.  We build new decks, both wood and composite.  Even composite decks have wood support, but we use treated’ wood for the framing.  The nice thing about composite is that there is very little maintenance and in most cases, you will not have to invest in the deck again unless you are making design changes.  It is not cheap, but one thing to keep in mind is that a wood deck has to be cared for almost yearly.  With composite it is pretty much one and done!  Add some nice powder coated aluminum handrails and you have a beautiful deck to enjoy our Inland Northwest summers on.

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